What We Do

What We Do

The Montana Citizens' Advocate is directly charged by the Governor with assisting Montanans in their interactions with state executive branch agencies. Folks often need a little help navigating the sometimes complex statutory and regulatory environment of state government. The Office, true to its name, advocates on behalf of Montanans and offers that direction and assistance.

The Citizens' Advocate is not able to intervene in matters restricted to the jurisdiction of federal, local or tribal governments, school districts, other state-wide elected officials or non-executive branch agencies. The Office of the Citizens' Advocate cannot intervene in judicial or quasi-judicial proceedings, or in criminal or civil legal matters within the jurisdiction of courts. The Citizens' Advocate is not able to intervene in disputes between private citizens and/or businesses. In all these cases, however, the Citizens' Advocate can refer people to the appropriate authorities.

Please let the Governor know how you believe the Citizens' Advocate can improve this web presence or the services offered to Montanans.


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Governor Steve Bullock

Govenor Steve Bullock

Welcome to the Montana Citizens' Advocate. This office assists Montanans who have questions about interacting with state executive branch agencies. Learn more about what the Citizens' Advocate can do for you.

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